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early to rise..

I set my breadmaker to be ready at 8:30. Which means that 3 and a half hours before that, it started working! I heard it, because I brought it up here so the noise wouldn’t be so loud for the people downstairs... so I’m up a bit early, but I surfed my blogs, and now I’m set to clean my closet. Actually, I’d really like to just sit her and design things, but first I must straighten up my nice desk for showing off ;)

After work last night, we went to Applebees. My parents were in there, so we went and sat with them at the bar, and that was nice - dad paid for our dinner, even though I protested! And then we got potatoes. Dad has 200lbs of potatoes in his car that he got from the potato store on the sales run he was on - he gets them every year, and they are perfect potatoes!! smile So we have a nice box of them to use for Sunday’s lunch and our potato bar smile

So, we sat and talked to my parents and didn’t get home until 7:45. (I’m hoping Buffy taped!) Then it was made-dash straightening up - E did the dishes, I put things away, E took stuff to the garage, I brought things upstairs. So now, I still need to straighten up this room. And make my bed once he is out of it of course smile And we didn’t vacuum up here, but oh well smile People keep reminding me that they are not here to inspect my house :giggle: Maybe I should listen. smile


Potato bar? I’m imaging something like a wet bar, only with potatoes. "I’ll have a potato salad, on the rocks with a twist please. And my date will have the baked. No cheese. Do you have any of those little umbrellas?" ;o)

Oh, I’m dying here!!! What a funny picture!! smile

Nope, we are having baked potatoes with a whole selection of different topics - make your own poatato however you like it smile But I wish I *did* have some little umbrellas :giggle: that’d be way cute smile

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