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I’m so sad. I went to get my package out of the BIG mailbox, and they put a key in your box to use on the big mailbox, and it was kinda bent looking. So I tried it anyhow, and I tried and I tried, and E tried, and it wouldn’t work :pout: The apartment people said I’d have to call the post office. Which I can’t do till Monday. So I can’t get it at least until Tuesday. Blah!

I bet that its from Jenn. I want to see!!!!


ack! sorry kristine! i hope you get to your package soon adn its something really cool and spiffy!

Hm. Your envelope really isn’t THAT big. Maybe it’s not from me and what IS from me will be there Monday. Eh?

Hmm, okay, so now I’m even more curious because the main things I *know* that’s coming is your envelope, Jenn!!! That means its might surprise that I REALLY want to see )

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