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list @sunrise

the sun is coming up

I can see a glow over the houses

the sky is turning colors

and the houses and trees aren’t just outlines

the morning glow warms me

makes my soul excited with prospect

a new day, a new chance, start anew.

I love that my computer desk looks out the window - it really lets me keep track of time better than the little numbers in my taskbar do. I’ve been sitting here typing and reading for almost 2 hours now, and it doesn’t seem like nearly that long. I listened to one song repeatedly because its so haunting and lovely that I couldn’t help it. Quietly, of course, as to not wake my guests or my boy.

Things I must accomplish before dinner today -

  • clean, poke, and put potatoes in the oven.

  • make cake

  • make green bean cassorole

  • cut up carrots and green peppers for the salad

  • call dad and remind him to bring 1 or 2 chairs. (two if LRL is coming)
Those are the major things. Not too worrysome, I can do it smile

Yesterday (after a delicious breakfast of french toast that I did really good at making!), we ended up going to the Rose Garden. There are some roses there that were so sweet smelling that I wanted to just eat them. Some peach colored ones that truly seemed edible, and some delightful lavendar ones. I love that place. We drove to the Japanese gardens, but decided not to go in. We took my route to the Pittock mansion ("just go up the hill. If you have an up or down choice, go up!") Eventually we found it, and actually toured it smile I haven’t done that since I was much younger, and it was really nice. I was impressed smile And the view was glorious outside, just as I remember it. We saw 3 of the mountains - Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Hood. I think Mt. Adams was just hidden by the trees. We made it from there to the aforementioned Spaghetti factory, and then came home to rest for a while. I made the lime cream cheese jello salad before I rested. It was a nice day smile

Good morning world. Blessed Sunday to each of you. May the sun be rising in your heart and then warm your heart to do nice things for those around you. smile


I’ve always wanted to visit the rose garden. It sounds wonderful!

have i told you recently how much i admire you?

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