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online yoga

Oh cool! Step by Step Yoga - here’s a great site to try out some yoga for me before I buy a video!

This link will go nicely with the others Erica sent me to already

Yoga at your desk

My daily yoga

Erica’s video picks: AM/PM Yoga, Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss, Kundalini Yoga, Gentle Yoga for Beginners. I’m gonna buy one, I just haven’t picked which one yet. I’m excited about a possible exercise that I can still do with my ankle AND will help destress me - what a grand combo for me! I am blessed that Erica is so helpful, too smile

Thank you to Julie for the new link smile

[edited to add...]

I’m looking for the mild workout benefits of yoga, and the relaxation possiblity. I really need about a 20 minute routine that will give me just a bit of an opportunity to workout so I’ll feel better about myself... I don’t currently do any exercising besides walking around, and my ankle is too bad to do most exercises anyhow. So I’m gonna try out some lowgrade easy yoga and hopefully gain the side-effect of starting my day off calm. If you have suggestions, feel free to leave me a note! smile


we did the am/pm yoga tapes - if you’re looking for stuff for long-term workout and getting in shape, these probably aren’t the best. they’re more for the mental part - relaxing, focusing type stuff. just fy!

Anything with Rodny Yee is awesome. I have this one:


I bought it as a total beginner and I really like it. Moves a little fast at first, but after a little while, it’s easy to keep up. I think it’s definitely good if you’re interested in doing yoga long term (because it has three different stages/levels).

i didn’t recommend power yoga because i thought it might be a little bit more harsh of a workout than kristine was looking for. i know that power yoga (and ashtanga too) people LOVE it. if you wanna sweat, k, ashtanga is the way to do it!

i think the am/pm tapes are great for relaxation and stretching, 'specially because they’re 20 minutes long and geared for beginners. you’re right though, cheryl, they’re not that "gonna make ya sweat" type of thing.

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