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683 emails

I finally was able to log into my email this morning, after not being able to since Tuesday! I had 683 emails. Luckily, I decided on thursday to turn my main list into digest instead of single emails or it would be hitting closer to 1000. goddamn! I’m sure I’ll go thru and delete all of the designer ones, which is at least 600 of the mails. I haven’t heard yet what they did to fix it, but this was an insane amount of time to be w/o my main email account. :sigh: The final last straw with NMF.

So this morning, I spent time reading Aletia’s forums. I think tomorrow I’ll start getting stuff signed up with them and rebackup my site to my hard drive in the meantime. I’ll let ya know for sure when I think my site will be down... Leah said that she had about 2 days when she couldn’t post, so that’ll probably be similar to mine probably. If anyway possible, I’ll post at my alternative journal during that time.

I’m so glad my email is back, though smile


Isn’t it amazing how much we come to rely on our email? When just a few years ago (depending on who you are it was alot sooner than that) we didn’t know what it was. I sure love my Email!

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