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ben affleck

Ben Affleck in Rehab Facility: I wouldn’t have guessed this one. He seems so together on everything I see him interviewed on... so I guess he is a really good actor, hiding his true self... I hope he gets out of this okay.



I’m so glad these celebrities are taking notice of their problems and getting help before they have a chance to escalate. It isn’t easy, I know from personal experience, being a recovering alcoholic myself. They deserve huge kudos in my book. Also, makes me feel like I’m not alone... just knowing that other people out there (Ben, the guy from Backstreet Boys, whatever his name is... LOL) have problems like I do. We (alcoholics) aren’t all like those drunks you see on tv... the kind that fall when they walk and abuse loved ones. Most of us are normal functioning adults with jobs and pretty decent home lives. We are just trying to self-medicate to heal our sorrows.

Sorry... I’ll get off my soapbox now. *laughs*

What I really wanted to say was, "good for Ben!!" smile

You gotta respect Ben Affleck for his career, he’s definately not had the easy road in life either. Everybody hits little bumps in the road, celebrities are no exception, and the fact that he is going to rehab to get better is important. I know a couple alcoholics that don’t know they have a problem and don’t think they need help, it’s a definate thumbs up for him since he’s there. I wish the best for him and hope he doesn’t fall of the wagon when he’s better.

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