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New fall schedule!!!


I love when the fall schedule comes out smile I always have to go through and paln what shows I’ll be watching smile I’m not being nearly as ambitious about planning this year as I have been in the past because last year, I tried to start with tons of things to watch and never made it through them all. I’ll only list the ones I’m really gonna watch smile


9PM - Angel (tape) (Sept24)


8PM - Buffy (Oct2)

9PM - Roswell (tape) (Oct9)


Friends (Sept20)


Futurama (Dec9)

King of the Hill (Nov4)

Simpsons (Nov4)

link courtesy fresh hell


Mmm..Buffy! I can hardly wait to see how they bring her back from the "dead!"

I’ve become such a Buffy fan. Can you believe I missed the season finale?

Ashley - I believe FX is re-running Buffy from the very first season starting next week. Also, if you need the season finale, I think I might have it and if i don’t, I know I can get it for you. Just let me know! =)

Here’s a link for you on the FX BTVS reruns!

Jenni, do you know when the FX epis are gonna start? THanks for the link!

And Ashley, if E hadn’t taped over my copy, I’d be happy to share!!!

Oooh, such generous girlies!! It’s my own fault I didn’t watch the finale. I just forgot it was on!

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