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The music of the morning :

Spring Haze - Tori Amos [artist site]

Let Her Feel the Rain - Tara MacLean [artist site]

Ten Cent Wings - Jonatha Brooke [artist site]

The Ocean - Dar Williams [artist site]

Anyway - Nichole Nordman

I had Ten Cent Wings stuck in my head all yesterday smile So this morning, I picked my favorites out of my girlmix to play smile I need to type up the whole girlmix, actually...

In as many cases as possible, I’ve included a link to the album that the song appears on. Some of them, I don’t know. These are in no real order, just on shuffle and this was the order they came up on my screen smile

Tori Amos - Spring Haze

Tara MacLean - Let Her Feel The Rain [Silence]

Tori Amos - Crucify [Little Earthquakes]

Tori Amos - Girl [Little Earthquakes]

K’s Choice - Song for Catherine [Paradise in Me]

Joydrop - Beautiful [Metasexual]

Joydrop - Strawberry Marigold [Metasexual]

Nina Gorden - Tonight and the Rest of my Life [Tonight and The Rest of My Life]

This Way - Crawl [Crawl [CD5/Cassette Single]]

Plumb - God Shaped Hole [Candycoatedwaterdrops]

Sarah McLachlan - Building a Mystery [Mirrorball]

Sarah McLachlan - Possession [Mirrorball]

Tara MacLean - Divided [Passenger]

Leigh Nash - Need to be Next to you [Bounce: soundtrack]

Sixpence None the Richer - Love Bounce: soundtrack]

Delerium f. Sarah McLachlan - Silence [Bounce: soundtrack]

Jonatha Brooke - Ten Cent Wings [10 Cent Wings]

Jonatha Brooke - Nothing Sacred [Plumb]

Nichole Nordman - Anyway [Wide Eyed]

Ani Difranco - Wish I May [To The Teeth]

Dar Williams - The Ocean [Mortal City]

Jess Klein - Favorite Shade of Blue

Letters to Cleo - Here and Now

K’s Choice - Favorite Adventure

K’s Choice - Live For Real

Nelly Furtado - Shit On the Radio [Whoa Nelly!]

Nelly Furtado - Turn Out The Lights [Whoa Nelly!]

Sarah McLachlan - When Somebody Loves You [Toy Story 2: Soundtrack]

Nina Gordon - New Years Eve [Tonight and The Rest of My Life]

Nina Gordon - 2003 [Tonight and The Rest of My Life]

Nina Gordon - Got Me Down [Tonight and The Rest of My Life]

Nina Gordon - Fade To Black [Tonight and The Rest of My Life]

Nina Gordon - Hate Your Way [Tonight and The Rest of My Life]

Nina Gorden - Horses in the City [Tonight and The Rest of My Life]

Nina Gordon - Now I can Die [Tonight and The Rest of My Life]

Nina Gordon - Hold On To Me [Tonight and The Rest of My Life]

Dido - Thank You [No Angel]

Dido - Hunter [No Angel]


I’m gonna burn you that cd tonight, Kristine and hopefully get it out Monday at the latest! I’ve just been so stinkin' busy this week with work and school! arrr!

Oh, Alie, you are a doll - send it whenever you have time, but no hurry smile Thanks sweety!!!!

Tori! I’m so proud!! I’m going to have to DL all the songs from this mix I don’t have. RAAR!

Well, Jenn, of course these are the Tori songs you recommended!!! I have a few more at home, but these three are my favs so far - definitely Spring Haze - what CD is that one from? I couldn’t find it!

to venus and back is the name of the CD. A very good one. Try Juarez and Josephine from it. smile

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