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clean sweep

Before I let myself take off my shoes after I walked into the house, I did a 20 minute cleaning session. Here’s what I did:

put the dishes in the dishwasher and started it.

wiped off the counters and put the things away from breakfast

shined the sink!

swept the porch and moved the pot of dying flowers

put cleaner in both toilets

used the swiffer to do the floors in the kitchen and the bathroom upstairs

swished the toilets, they are still soaking

cleaned one sink and countertop upstairs

Now I’m sitting at my desk with a large glass of water that had 3 ice cubes in it that have melted already after 2 minutes, with a few squirts of lemon juice (fake kind, not real lemon unfortunately). I put my hair up and I get to relax, knowing that I accomplished a great deal in only 20 minutes. What a great feeling!!! smile


girl, you rock! and you inspire me too!

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