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FindYourSpot.com tells me that I should live in one of the following places:

  • Portland, OR - City of Roses

  • Little Rock, AR - Where America Comes Together

  • Providence, RI - New England’s Best Kept Secret

  • Salem, OR - The heart of Oregon

  • Hartford, CT - The Insurance Capital

  • New Haven, CT - Home of Yale Univ.

Wow, how neato! With the exception of Little Rock, all of those sound great smile ANd since I live outside of Portland, I guess I’m in the right place smile Yea!

Thanks to Alie for the link! She has a beautiful new picture on her page, too - go and see how pretty! smile


*grins* thanks, sweetie. *hug*

girl - i had a bunch of those places on my own list! but i still say philly baby.

I live right outside of New Haven. Southern Connecticut really is lovely. :o)

I took this test today, and I swear, they tried to put me in every single Maryland city. LOL There had to be nearly 10 Maryland cities on my list. I should post to my blog what they were if i find them again.

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