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creating designs halted

I’m home early, and I wish I was feeling creative. I see inspirations in so many places, but then I open up my programs and feel very side tracked. I’ve seen such beauty around me that I want to capture in a new and creative digital way. And nothing comes out. Maybe its just the heat and tiredness. I hope that’s all it is.

as I zap between screens of blogs and posts and turn my head to watch what’s on tv, I can see that I have a really hard time paying attention to any one thing at this moment. And I worked so hard today, and now I just want design, but I may have used all of my energy and attention there instead of here.

Its okay, I’m only breaking self-inflicted deadlines - no big deal there, I just thought I’d release my feelings here and maybe then I’d be able to release some of the frustration that went along with it and be calm and just breathe and relax instead of stress smile

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