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past life diva?

I took the the diva test to find out the diva test @ sweetcherrie.com >> which rock diva were you in a past life?

You were PJ Harvey in a past life! You’re can be somewhat reserved, but when there’s an issue you feel strongly about you’re not afraid to share your opinion. You’re the walking definition of sophistication and people admire you for your strength and composure. You are highly artistic and enjoy creating masterpieces any way you can!
Hmm, I don’t know any of PJ Harvey’s music. Maybe I’ll have to check it out! smile


Isn’t pj Harvey the guy from the wonder years show?? I coul

Isn’t pj Harvey the guy from the wonder years show?? I could be wrong?

sorry i thought i wrote it all ...

Please tell me that you are joking, Heather!!! PJ Harvey is amazing. She is one of my favorite singers. She’s badass in a quiet way. I love her!

Kristine, I’m going to be making some mix tapes next week for a few friends. If you want, e-mail me your snail mail address and I’ll make you one too—I’ll be sure to put some PJ Harvey on for you and some other stuff that you might not know (I know that lately you’ve been looking for new bands). laughing

Kristine. I simply do NOT know what to do with you. I’m with Carol. Send me your snail mail addy and I’ll make you a CD.

And if you want to download in the meantime: Sheela-Na-Gig, The Water, Good Fortune, A Place Called Home, Angeline

I was just asking....I know that there is a harvey on the wonder years....I didn’t know she was a singer...I wasn’t trying to sound stupid...I just never heard of her....

Thanks, Carol - you have mail smile

See, Jenn, you just need to make me tons of mixes and then you won’t be shocked when AGAIN I tell you someone that I’ve never listened to LOL! I’ve really enjoyed everything you’ve suggested so I’m sure this will be no diff smile I’ll send you an email, darlin' smile

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