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rushing trashing

This morning, when I woke up E, I heard the garbage truck. Darn. I had to run around to get the trash together and take it out quick, and it threw my getting ready schedule off.

I don’t like trash. I freak out if I see mold. I have this stupid fear that when I pick up the trash bag, it will break on my foot and I’ll end up with trash water all over me. I have to wash my hands a whole bunch of times after taking it out. Blech.

So, I gave that job to E. I pay the bills and deal w/the money balancing, clean the bathrooms, and I figured it was probably fair to give him the trash to take care of. But, when I get up before him, I keep ending up doing it. Why didn’t we do it last night? I would be glad to help, as long as it isn’t my responsiblity to remember to do it. I don’t need another thing to remember!!!

So anyhow, I had to rush around this morning, trying to get ready because I got all thrown off, so now I’m kinda spazzy this morning. Ack!

Time to turn on some calming music and browse the si boards before I get too deep into the work piles smile Happy Trashday (Thursday), friends.

Came back to add: Did you ever notice that if you take the letters of thursday and rearrange them, you almost get trashday? ;)


heehee Trashday is Thursday here too. and we always say Happy Trashday to each other. good to know we’re not the only freaks... umm... i mean people smile L)L

oh, but we are freaks, love, that’s just a well-known fact ;) I’m glad we both do silly things like this - cuz I thought I was the only one. I’ll have to tell you more of my silly habits sometime smile

happy trashday!!!!!

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