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joy of relaxing

only relaxing. that’s all we did yesterday smile

We are out of cereal, so we had breakfast cake. (which is the same thing as desert from a few days ago, but if you call it breakfast cake, then you can eat it for breakfast ;) ) We ate it in bed, and laid and cuddled and talked and giggled and just held each other. I worked on my computer, he played on his, I played Rebellion for a while, finished up a graphics set, he switched between slash dot and games until I started to get hungry again.

E wasn’t hungry, so we watched a Daylight. That is one of the best thrilling movies to me. It keeps me tensed up in so many scenes, but has some amazing effects and I just really like it. I’ve seen it probably 5 times now, and it still is good smile

Then we ordered pizza hut. E showered and went and got it, while I played and watched a special on MSNBC about Bruce Willis. Then we watched Gone in 60 Seconds while we ate pizza. I love that movie, too. I think that would be a good one to own. I want to be as sexy as Angelina Jolie. And it makes me want to drive fast. I really like Nicolas Cage in this movie, and I don’t always like him. The music is terrific (I just downloaded some of the tracks). Good movie.

Then more playing and relaxing until bed time. That’s it, boring fun day. I like that kind of day.

I had very odd dreams last night. I wish could remember more than bits and pieces. moving 2 houses down with my family... something scary that woke me up in the middle of the night... dollhouses... dad yelling at Leonard... mom yelling at me... Courtney visiting... Odd pieces to a dream puzzle that I don’t understand now.

Off to do more fun things for me until E wakes up smile


I am envious of your day. I love that kind of lazy, but fulfilling day. You’re a lucky girl!

Sounds like a blissful weekend - love the breakfast cake idea! If you haven’t been to swoon.com, it’s pretty cool to enter your strange-dream subjects and see what they mean.

It sounds like a wonderfully relaxing day. smile

Sounds like a great day.. I’m looking forward to my next one of those myself.. and the Gone in 60 soundtrack *is* good smile

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