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breakfast and the paper

Ya know what the best thing about Sunday’s is? The sunday paper. And the 2nd best thing is sunday breakfast, because I love making it special. This morning, we went to Shari’s and had yummy breakfast and brought the paper with us! It had been so long since we had done that, and although it was busy, it was a wonderful idea smile I like breakfast with E - we get to talk and giggle and read the paper together.

So since we were out, we went looking for Final Fantasy Tactics for him. After we visited Best Buy, CompUSA, ToysRUs, we went to Circuit City, where the sales guy said they were recalled because they didn’t work. And Amazon doesn’t even have them. They must have all not worked.

Then Safeway for groceries. I have been trying to get more things that are healthier, like an assortment of fruit and veges for me, even if E won’t eat them. I can buy 2 bananas and a Peach and finish them, I don’t have to get a whole bunch cuz he just doesn’t eat them! We got some of the yummy 100% Juice white grape juice my sisters had last week, too - yum! Little Pizzas and Coke were on sale, lest you think I’m totally perfect ;)

By that time, my ankle was being bad, so it was time to go home. I’ve been working on silveringrid stuff (an extraordinary project ;) ), and my style sheets stuff, and listening to E put the graphics card into his computer and moan that it wasn’t working properly. Hopefully he’ll get it fixed and I’ll get all of my major updates done smile I have a new graphics set up, and maybe another by the end of the afternoon, too smile

Yay! I’m happy. As long as I keep my mind OFF of tomorrow, I’m happy smile


We sometimes take the paper to LePeep for breakfast! Not sure if that’s a chain everywhere or not. It’s pretty yummy!

I’m trying to buy healthier food too. In fact, Kayley’s starting 1st grade tomorrow and I’m vowing to pack her lunch every day so as not to subject her to the crap they call "healthy hot lunches." Bleah! It’s hard, though!

oh, I haven’t heard of LePeep, but sounds like fun! I had french toast, my very favorite thing to get at restaurants for breakfast!

You are a good mommy, Lala! I bought myself raisen boxes so I could snack on them instead of m&ms - maybe that would be something Kayley would like too smile

Hey Final Fantasy Tactics is great! Nice choice ;)

ooooh, an extraordinary project at silveringrid! *grins in anticipation*

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