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its really saturday now!

Tee hee, this is saturday morning. I don’t have to go to work smile Yay!

I did some updates at The Kitchen this morning because one was sitting in my mailbox for almost a month! Ack, I’ve been bad!

I read all my blogs and every post at si, and that was nice. I read my email, but since I turned all of my designer lists off, email has been depressing - I get nothing! That’s the first time in a while that i’ve tried to cut back on emails. But I wasn’t really having time to help or get help on the lists I was reading, so it didn’t make much sense to keep them on. I have one set to digest and the other to web-only, in case I want to read smile

I started another set last night, an easy beautiful one, so hopefully I can finish that one and maybe the 6 point star one I’m working on, too smile I’d love to play with my style sheets I was working on a few weeks ago, too. Oh, and a surf through the blogplates webring would be a good thing to do this morning, too smile As well as try and figure out what to do about angelquotes for the coming weeks. I have a sweet friend who has offered to help out, and so I have some planning to do smile

We really don’t have plans yet for today. I hope that much of today can be spent relaxing and playing and just being here. We have movies to watch, too smile Besides getting groceries, I don’t have specific reasons to go out this weekend. And I really need the rest - last week was too horrid to want to think about. So yep, I’m glad its the weekend. YAY! smile


I hope you have a great, relaxing weekend!

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