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survey for friday afternoon!

I’ve seen this everywhere, most recently from Jenn at Lunate.org

WALLET: Gap long wallet with a zippered center spot for change, room for receipts and cash, and lots of cred card spots.


TOOTHBRUSH: white, purple, and yellow. It looks like my webpage smile

JEWELRY WORN DAILY: left hand, ring finger - white gold and diamond wedding band/engagement ring set smile It looks like a flower, with the engagement ring as the center, and the petals on the wedding band. right hand, middle finger - ring from Megan with silver petals around a purple stone.

Not daily, but special: locket from Megan. Heart made out of diamonds from E. diamond earings. pearls from my aunt and uncle.

PILLOW COVER: like light plum and cream clouds - matching my sheets

COFFEE CUP: Water bottle? lavendar, black and silver - looks like the silveringrid links page!

SUNGLASSES: lavendar with silver squarish frames; and purple with black frames.

SHOES: none on. I haven’t worn them since summer started, but I love my black docs that Meg got me in Paris smile

NAILPOLISH: I’ve been biting my nails pretty bad lately. So none.

KEYCHAIN: 3" lead, mcdonalds little yellow guy, walla walla college key chain, Mickey K keychain, blockbuster card, and not as many keys as I need with that many chains ;)

COMPUTER: HP customized purple one smile

FAVORITE TOP: red v neckish poloish shirt that I’m wearing today. From Old Navy

FAVORITE PANTS: my comfyest jeans


PERFUME: Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret

CD IN THE STEREO RIGHT NOW: none, but I had my girlmix on earlier smile

CAR: 1986 Honda Accord LXi, Silver with Burgundy interior

TELEVISION: littler one upstairs, downstairs is a 25" I think? Panasonic

STEREO: upstairs - my panasonic 5 CD changer with detatchable speakers and nice sound; downstairs, panasonic new DVD and receiver with 4 surround sound speakers and subwoofer. Woof!

TELEPHONE: Oh, I can’t remember right now. 90 something

CELLPHONE: I want the cute Panasonic silver one that E has smile

WATCH: none

KEYBOARD: Natural at work with a logitech trackman with the scrolly ball, HP purple matching one at home, as well as a wacom graphire there

PRINTER: piece of shit canon bubble jet

SCANNER: no name for free w/computer - at work, the HP works nice smile


Love the survey Kristine, I think I might do this one smile

I like this survey. I’m going to borrow it as well, okay? smile

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