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cell phones

On my MSN screen this morning, I found Choosing the Best Cell-Phone Plan. It says....

Three main types of plans

Before signing up for any cellular phone plan, get acquainted with your calling habits. Will you use a cell phone for emergencies? As a primary or business phone? Try to estimate how many minutes you’ll use it per month. Your "land line" phone bill will give you an idea about how much you talk.

Good things to think about.

I think I’m gonna get AT&T’s Digital advantage, which is more for local calls. 250 minutes a month, with a special of 1000 Night and weekend minutes for 12 months. $29.99 per month, with 15cents minute long distance. I’m not sure how I figure out if Megan would be long distance or if she’d be included in the 1000 Night and weekend Minutes while she’s in Walla Walla. She’s in the home calling area, but it says long distance charges may apply. So, I probably shouldn’t use it to call her.

E has a super cute Panasonic phone, and I think I want one just like it smile

I’m gonna get a phone ;)


You may wanna look at Sprint PCS too, they have a feature with free long distance smile I love it!!!

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