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Lee got me thinking with her post this morning.

If I had a million dollars or two or three... ;)

I’d buy my dream house. A perfect house with a whole craft ROOM instead of closet ;) Space for my future kids. Lovely art for the wall, not just $15 prints to frame. Super neato computers, and gaming systems.

I’d save most of it - for my kids, for my future, and live mostly off the interest.

I’d give some of it to others - I have really come to love my poptab collecting for the Ronald McDonald House, but I wish I could do more - so I would. And I’d probably help my family business out - pay off some back bills and give them a boost to keep going.

BUT, I’d stop working. I’d do things I enjoyed - make graphics and give them away, create beautiful cards to sell and send to friends, I’d learn to quilt. I’d share with my friends, treat them, fly those far away to see this beautiful place I live. I wouldn’t move from this area, but just to a nice section of town.

So yeah, it would be nice - luckily, some of these things are attainable even w/o the million dollars, and I can look to them eventually smile Yay ;)

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