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my sadness overwhelms me this morning.

a tear ran down my cheek when I read a happy letter this morning - even happiness makes me overly emotional.

my dad ignores the situation at hand with my letter, even though it means so much to me.

my job is tough this morning.

i need strength instead of a downcast face.

i need hope instead of being discouraged.

i need courage that it will work out

but instead, I feel sad.

edited to say: This post was prompted by a very brief conversation with my dad this morning - he wants to have a meeting while he’s home next week with Annette, Chris, Leonard, and me to see how we can make things run smoother because Leonard is complaining about us again. How are his complaints so important that we need a meeting, but dad is ignoring my letter? :sigh: I’ll make it, its just hard right now, and I’d like to bury my face in a pillow and cry.


Oh Kristine, I’m so sorry to hear this sad Can you maybe take you father out for lunch and confront him there?

You know maybe you should start looking for a new job and not tell them.

You really shouldn’t have to live this way you know.

You’ve tried to get things changed, they won’t listen so maybe you have to threaten them with leaving (with a job around the corner) for them to wake up?

(hugs) chickie, so sorry to hear this sad

(((hugs))) i’m so sorry you are feeling so sad. please know i’m always here if you need me.

Oh Kristine. My heart is so sad for you. Once again, I’m sitting here watching you be treated very unfairly, and quite frankly it pisses me off. I know they are your family. And I’m sure that means the world in this situation. But it’s still not right. I just adore you to pieces, and hope you can find peace very very soon.

(((((((((hugs until your feet feel numb))))))))))

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