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going home

I heart rina for her latest post.

When I go back to Columbia, I get scared. Scared that I’ll see someone who will remind me of my past. Scared that they’ll notice me. Scared that they won’t.

How could someone who was one of my closest friends in HS completely ignore me when I wave and smile at her 3 different times over Meg’s graduation weekend? I have no sentimental reasons to return for alumni weekends. Only to see Oscar, I think. I miss him.

I know what you are saying, rina-bean. I hope you can find a way to stay out of this place that makes you so scared.


there are only 2 people i associate with from high school still. rob is obviously one of them and this other girl, the one who saved me from that last year. i don’t think i’ll ever go to a high school reunion. and that makes me so sad, but i would be even sadder if i went.

you are awesome kristine, and i’ll never ignore you.

The same thing happened to me when my little sister graduated from high school. I ran into a girl who was a really good friend to me when we were in high school. She acted as if she didn’t even know me... she hugged the guy I was chatting with (also a good friend from high school), then ran off to her husband, never even saying hello to me. That was three years ago and I still can’t let it go... did she seriously not remember me? Or did she purposely ignore me? *shurgs* I used to think I wanted to go back for my high school reunions, but lately I don’t think I do anymore. I’m still in touch with all the people who were closest to me, and the rest of them don’t mean squat anymore.

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