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Y! useful sites

Nicole (whose layout I love :winksmile linked to the 101 Most Useful sites.

I’ve been to a lot of these. Let’s face it, I’m an internet junky. So that’s not super suprising. smile

Ones I haven’t used: CarsDirect, Stay Healthy (although i’ll be checking this out).

I’ve only been to two of the finance sites. In the travel section, I’ve used most of the sites - haven’t been to MetroPlanet, or the Travel Abroad site, or the PetsWelcome site. I’m an entertainment site hunter, so I’ve seen many of the entertainment sites - but several are new to me - Speechbot and Oxford Companion to Wine - but I don’t think I’d ever go to these anyhow ;) I use a lot of reference, just for entertainment, sometimes for helping with homework, etc. But I haven’t seen helponthenet, which is a neato site!, or Hi Citizen I like home sites. Getting Expert Help could come in handy, and GuideStar is a nice site, and I could use HealthyPet Hospital Locator for work. Oh, and for Home Improvement, I could use this site. I’ve been to almost nothing on the health page, and the auto page, I’ve been to one of the three sites. I’ve been to almost everything on the shopping page, which really is more informative sites instead of shopping sites smile

And I’ve been to everything on the 10 internet essentials!!!!