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wish for school?

Dara said: I have never dreaded going back to school, as so many kids do—I always loved it. From elementary school through college, the thought of starting a new academic year was absolutely titillating

I’ve had this very same feeling. I’m almost looking forward to my siblings starting school just so I can help them with projects and stuff. I was so good at researching, and I think if I had taken a few less credits a quarter, I would have had more time to get everything done smile

I can’t think of a practical reason to go back right now, either, but its fun to think about what I might take if I had the chance smile I browse through the community college pamphlet every quarter, and the community ed class lists to see if there’s anything I could take. Someday, I’ll do that - and maybe even teach some classes smile


I’d thought about taking a class or two this year so I’d be worth more at my job, but of course, I didn’t get on the ball before the semester started—so woops! Good thing I already have a BA smile