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PMS rubbing off?

dontcha hate it when someone you work with has major PMS and gets you all riled up? Yeah, so I’m in a crankypants mood. Making lists of crap the boys are pulling makes me cranky, too.

But I hate had a fairly healthy lunch - yay me.

Lunch is over, and I’m back to work now. Will someone come and sit on the floor next to me and smile at me while I work so I have something to look at and be happy? That’d be great, thanks. smile


"But I hate a fairly healthy lunch - yay me."

Wow! You really are cranky! ;o) lol j/k

Tee hee, I can’t even spell!!!! smile

heehee, you’re so cute. I’m sorry you’re cranky. I sooo wish I could come sit on the floor with you. I’d make googly eyes at you to make you laugh!

and tee hee, you were the one I had in mind to sit on the floor and make faces at me ;) I’m feeling better now w/o annette here to rile me up more, actually. so yay! smile but you can still come make faces at me, all you want ;)

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