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big cities

I love Sara’s design at dissonance. I love cityscapes. Looking at the shapes that the tall buildings make against the skyline makes me smile with glee. My goal is to visit every major US city someday, and go to the highest building and look over the city with amazement.

So far, I’ve been to Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Chicago (I haven’t been in the Sears tower since I was a baby, though), Detroit, New York (twice), London.

I’d like to go to Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco (been in airport!), LA (never been downtown, but been to outskirts), Vancouver BC, maybe Toronto, maybe Las Vegas, maybe Philadelphia, maybe Atlanta, if I had a chance - Paris!

Am I missing any major ones with beautiful skylines?! smile


thank you girl! and yes, you should definitely come to philadelphia! i mean, don’t you want to see those buildings that i’ve got on my site? heh, that’s philly baby. it has a fabulous skyline.

oooh oooh! please come to boston!!!

I’ve never really learned much about philly, but I LOVE the skyline in your pictures made me list it as a maybe ;) Thanks, Sara, now I have more places to go to LOLOL!

Erika, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Boston. I read a biography of Abigail Adams and they talked a lot about Boston, and I loved that book. So I want to visit the city to see what its like smile Sounds glorious smile

You should most definetly come to the Big Easy, New Orleans, LA! Home of Jazz, Bourbon St., Mardi Gras, and a wonderful time. A unique skyline to explore and downtown area. New Orleans is by far a great city to visit!!!

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