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jello rinds, ice cream types, and summer camp

What a cool idea - aren’t these pretty? not martha : jello fruit

link from melissa smile

Melissa also sent me to what ice cream flavor are you?

You scored 44.4% Strawberry

Strawberries are naturally loyal, honest and trustworthy. If you’re one of many Strawberry lovers (it’s tied with Butter Pecan as the third most popular flavor), you probably have a devoted circle of friends who rely on you for the right answer to any moral dilemma. Like Chocolate Chips, you set high standards for yourself, but you are somewhat shy and reserved. And you don’t like to admit it, but you’re also a tad pessimistic. Maybe you’re just disappointed that no one can live up to your own responsibility and forthrightness. Strawberry types do well with optimistic, outgoing Chocolate Chips.

You scored 33.3% Butter Pecan

You scored 11.1% Chocolate Chip

You scored 11.1% Vanilla

You scored 0% Chocolate

AND, Melissa talked about summer camp, which is a fun reminder - my little brother is up at big lake youth camp this week smile Someday, I’ll tell you about the summer I worked there. I hope he’s having tons of fun!!! smile


Yay! Your layout is back up! I just love this one. =) Now I just have to start catching up on some blogs. I’ve been so far behind it’s not even funny. I think I shall start here, on one of my favs. wink

Btw, I’m a chocolate!

you are so cool, Jenni! smile Thanks for the note!

I was so sure I’d be chocolate, but I guess strawberry is much closer to my actual personality. Yummm, I need some strawberry ice cream. The best is breyers. smile

woohoo! we scored the same, Kristine. smile and by the way, welcome home. smile

i am 44.4% Strawberry and 33.3% chocolate...yay!!!!!!winkha ha!luvya

i am 44.4% Strawberry and 33.3% chocolate...yay!!!!!!winkha ha!luvya

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