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Several Martha Stewart related links smile

Easy housekeeping with Martha Stewart (courtesy of the delightful rina)


Not Martha

I love house-tips, and all of these links are great! smile

edited to add a few links:

These are links zalary had posted and I wanted to come back to look at them, so I’m posting them here.

organized home

get organized now

and then my ultimate favorite link:

FlyLady smile I’m really trying hard to work with her program. (she has a mailing list) I’ve started shining my sink every morning, and I’m letting this habit expand to the areas around it - the counters in the kitchen, my hotspot=table, living room, counters upstairs... soon, the whole house will be tidy smile



they didn’t mention this on the webpage, but i saw the show today and martha suggested putting a little bit of water in the bottom of your votive candle holders so the wax doesn’t get all stuck inside.

i mean, how obvious can it be, but of course i never thought of it. heehee. despite the fact that lots of people hate her, i heart martha smile

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