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Advertising to the extreme!

I read part of this article in the paper yesteday and when I saw it come acrossed one of my mailing lists, I had to share!
New Online Ads Can’t Be Missed - "I think I am fairly certain that I would never buy anything from X10.''

I agree!! C'mon, guys, I’m so tired of seeing this ad, just knock it off! Even when I’ve tried to do the cookie that is supposed to get rid of them for 30 days, I’m still getting them periodically *sigh*

Advertising is getting more agressive lately - the list I was reading pointed out that now, they feel a need to show commercials before movies in the theater - hello, movie patrons are already paying the big bucks and shouldn’t have to watch tons of commercials.... I don’t mean previews, I mean commercials - quite the new addition to my movie-going.


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*nodding* Yep, I agree with all of that too.. and how do you turn the darn X10 ads off?? *scream*

go here: http://www.x10.com/x10ads.htm

Woohoo! Thanks babe, hope it works..

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