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Sad news for Angelquotes

I’m sad. My longest running project on the web is just about at a stopping point. I’ve been doing Angelquotes since 97. I was in college then, with spare time to do a note to the group every day by myself, starting with an angel quote and usually adding personal things - I had quite the following - many of the members of the fan club I was active in were part of the group, and it was so much fun. I had it as a section of the fan club for a while, and I was just too busy with the other aspects of the club to do it all by myself, so I recruited a team. One person for every day of the week, as to not stress any one person out. Since then, I’ve laid wonderful foundations of organization - a color coded schedule, a great way of keeping in touch with the quoters, the addition of weekly themes to keep things interesting - it has so much going for it. But unfortunately, quoters are dropping like flies. I’m down to 4 right now. *sigh* With 5, I was making it work, but this last girl said she’d be gone for a month, and I don’t think I can keep making it work in its current daily format - its too many days a week for me to do myself. I may scale it back to 2 mailings a week... but I hate to do that, its so sad when I’ve put so much time and effort into the project, and I still have a pretty large subscriber base.


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Mere’s post disappointed me, too. I suppose we could just make C’s quote be for a three day weekend. Or I guess we could each take two days a week instead of switching off on Wednesdays.

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