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Daisy Painting theme/desktop

I had some of the sweetest comments on my daisy painting when I returned from my trip last weekend - thank you to each and every one of you! {{{{hugs}}}}

I decided to turn it into a multi-sized desktop, and a theme with coordinating colors because several people had said it would make a nice desktop smile

[legal babble for my protection] Please only use this for your own personal use and don’t redistribute it in any way. It remains copyright to me, Kristine Beeson and Love-Productions.com.

Drop me a note if you see anything funny in the theme - its just colors and the background picture, but I’ve never made one to share with others before, only for myself! I might be interested in doing more in the future if its something that people enjoy smile


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wow! Kristine, that is just beautiful. Usually when i download themes i think will be pretty they use garish colors and fonts and it ruins the whole thing - but this.... oh it’s just lovely. make more make more!!!!

Kristine, this makes a GORGEOUS desktop!! Thank you so much for sharing it!! ((HUGS))

i love it! it’s so cute! and it’s just so nice and simple that i’m going to have to change my beloved Spike backdrop to the daisy one. love it!

Kristine, I love it! It’s just perfect for what I wanted on our desktop!! Thanks for sharing it! And I agree with Zal... make more! smile

It’s beautiful Kristine. Just beautiful. I am using it on my computer at work and my laptop at home. When I look at it, I just feel peaceful and happy. It’s just perfect.

yay! so purty! I put it right up and it looks great! I needed a new desktop smile

I snarfed it right up, and it looks MAHVULUSS!!!

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