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weather this weekend

Oh my goodness. Loma Linda weather forcast. I am going to die. Literally roast to death. 99 on Sunday, when we are going to an outdoor graduation. Have I ever told you that my skin is the lightest color of white possible?

I have NO idea what I’ll wear this weekend. I don’t have nearly enough summer clothes for a long weekend. So I made a list.
F: coming in at night, can wear jeans
Sa: dress to church
khaki overalls for the afternoon
Su: skirt & white shirt (if I can find my white bra) to grad
confused?rest of the day?
M: confused?

Wow, so I need to go home and try things on, and see if I can make my big butt fit in the jean shorts from last summer or not. Wow, that sounds like a big joy *snort.*


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