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Ya know, I was just thinking the other day how entirely happy I am with this design. Its well organized, it looks sharp.... but then I made the design on my hr temporary page, and remembered how much I like designing new things. Hmmm.... so I don’t know, maybe you’ll see a redesign here. Maybe I’ll post more over there just cuz its pretty. Maybe I’ll just change the colors a bit. Or maybe I’ll leave it alone... it is very nicely organized! smile

I don’t want to go to work. I have no desire at all. I have been a bad employee lately - I don’t feel like I’m working my hardest, and I’m so lathargic while I’m there. Maybe a weekend away will do me good. Maybe I’ll come back with a renewed spirit and more energy. Although the stress of going on a trip and being around my in-laws might squelch that. *g*

More randomness later - I fixed blogplates partially and paid bills (still missing the credit card one though), so I’m late to get in the shower!


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Have a nice trip, girl!!

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