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Oh, I'm SOOOO happy to be back!

Goodness, what a long time 3 days is when you what to be able to post and edit your website and view your list of favorite reads and upload stuff!!!!!!

NMF decided to screw my weekend over. Not happy with them. Its been a torturous weekend trying to get everything back - they weren’t cooperating with my plans one little teeny bit.

So did I loose all of my readers after this? *sigh*

For those of you who didn’t see this during the weekend, this was the alternative location that I put up for writing - feel free to go and see what I wrote this weekend - hr:hopefulreflections


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Still here, Kristine. :o) Glad to see they got your site back up. Will keep my fingers crossed that you don’t have any more trouble with NMF. (hugs)

glad you’re back! and I’m still here, too!

Ugh! Poor Kristine. sad

Glad you’re back! I saw you were having trouble! I had some troubles of my own, so I know how ya feel.

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