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Weird movie=usual suspects

E made me watch Usual Suspects, The (1995) last night. What a weird movie! I knew something wasn’t quite right throughout the movie, but I didn’t know quite what until the end. He loved it. I was kinda Ehhhhh.... about it. Veyr odd!

But it had a whole bunch of people that I recognized on it. The reason I mention it is because I looked it up to see who played Edie on it - it was Suzy Amis, who I most remember as Lizzy Calbert on Titanic! Also from Firestorm. Ahhh... it all makes sense now! smile


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I loved that movie!!! A classic in my book.

I loooooooved The Usual Suspects! I haven’t seen it in ages - time to see it again! I loved Kevin Spacey long before the days of American Beauty!

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