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I almost hate to talk about this - but I am now intregued with the story. MeFi has uncovered so much that its scary. (I II III) Is there such a thing as privacy anymore?

Here’s MeFi’s FAQ on the subject - rootnode.org
AND here’s the MSNBC article about it - they knew this would be picked up by the media. Unfortunately, the MeFi people know way more than this reporter, and so some of his info was inaccurate.
[edited to add one more comprehesive link: http://www.kuro5hin.org/?op=displaystory;sid=2001/5/22/11120/1650]

Wow, once I got over the hurt of the whole situation, it was really very mysterious, and interesting to find out what really went on. Yes, I’m still sad about the whole thing, but I am more sad for the innocents pawns that were used....


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OMG! I knew it had gotten big, but I didn’t realize just how big. Incredible.

Me too! Unbelievable that MSNBC picked it up. I wonder what "Debbie" is thinking now. *shakes head* I still stand by my earlier statement but am now beginning to wonder if there could be some kind of backlash effect on the weblogging community. I guess I better take "Kaycee's" link off my page.

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