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my plans

I’m gonna stay home today in preparation for the Buffy Season Finale. I’m gonna watch old episodes, read fan fic, make more pictures, and listen to my soundtrack. smile I’ll be totally in the mood for the finale tonight by that time, and be happy and relaxed too!

Nah, I am not really gonna do that *giggle* I wish! I keep telling E I’m gonna stay home today. But somehow I don’t think that calling in and telling my mom that I’m taking a Buffy Holiday will go over too well smile


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LOL!! Can I join you on the Buffy holiday?? I don’t wanna go to my inservice!

Why was I not surprised to see that you love this show?? It is one of my all-time favs and I even run a WB-Whores mailing list for people who want to dish about the WB shows. Although I’ll have to change it to UPN/WB soon. Anyway, I’ve been waiting patiently for this episode..I hope it’s a good one. Do you think Buffy will go through with what she needs to do?

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