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Daytime Emmys

Oh, I never mentioned what I thought about the Daytime Emmys.

I got to finally finish watching them yesterday afternoon smile 2 All My Children wins (Michael E. Knight and David Canary), 4 As The World Turns wins (Lesli Kay, Martha Byrne, Writing, and Drama).

I’m really glad that Lesli and Martha won - they did great jobs this year! I was hoping Tom Eplin would win, but David Canary is always a fav of mine. It was a tie in my eyes between Michael E Knight and Michael Park (Jack, ATWT). Both had excellent storylines.

I was very surprised that Adrienne Frantz of B&B won younger actress. Terri Conn (Katie, ATWT) had some amazing storylines this year. Kristina Sisco (Abigail, ATWT) really expanded her character this year. Annie Parisse (Julia, ATWT) has had some amazing breakdown scenes this year - wow! And Eden Riegel (Bianca, AMC) came out of the closet with some suburb acting with her mom. So it was amazing to me that one of those 4 didn’t win. Of course, having never watching B&B, Adrienne could be a wonderful actress too - I just don’t know *G*

As for ATWT’s wins with the big awards, I’m so happy and excited - such a great show!

Ingo (Rademacher, ex-and soon to be returning- Jax, GH) presented for one of the awards, and I have to say - I wasn’t impressed with his new scuzzy scruffy look. Coming from a former leader in his fan club, that’s not cool *g* It made me not care to watch GH when he comes back, actually.

But I do wish I had time to watch ATWT. I am so tempted to start taping it and watching it on close caption in the morning while E is asleep *g*


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I miss watching Y&R, AMC, 1L2L and GH!!

I can’t believe that I missed the awards!!! Uggg.. I didn’t know about them until yesterday when Regis was talking about winning two.. which is way too neat! I guess i need to pay better attention huh?

Jenni - one more think we have in commen smile I haven’t ever watched Y&R for significant periods of time, but your other 3 are all ones I watched through college smile

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