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I’m sure tired of having a headache. I’ve had a bad one for the last 24 hours or so. And off and on since Monday before that. I’m pretty sure this is a migraine this time - sensativity to light, nausea this morning, tingly face, sharp pointy pain from the side of my eye/nose to the base of my neck and to the large array of knots in my right shoulder... I’m still functioning (slowly), but its sure getting annoying. Doesn’t make it so easy to get my work done!

Starting list to ask Doctor about - headaches needs to be on the list, as does stress relief techniques. I’ll have to go back through my bitching posts to find more things to ask about! We need to see doctors (E and I) this month because our insurance goes out at the end of the month (we’ve had this plan for a whole month *g*) Then we aren’t sure if we will expand this plan with COBRA (which I know nothing about) or do something else until E gets a job. I don’t want to be off of insurance. Fun stuff, huh?!


Sorry bout the headache hon. I get migraines (since i was 5 years, that’s 27 years of headaches!!) For future reference, they say that any headache you can go to sleep with and still have when youwake up is a migraine.