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My brother is not very nice sometimes. I’m sure it has to be the drugs talking, but it doesn’t make me feel any less hurt by the comments. For example, he just walked in and asked where my dad was. I told him that dad had been gone for hours and he peeked out the window and said, "Oh, that’s Mom’s car" - pointing to mine. (dad and I have the same color cars). I said, "No, its mine." He was like, "It might as well be hers, you don’t drive it." How hurtful is that to someone like me, trying my hardest to learn to drive? Jerk. I’m really trying. People don’t understand me, and it makes me pissed. My stress level is just so high that I can’t spend hours and hours learning to drive - most people get their license when they are 16 and don’t have a job to get in the way of driving. I didn’t have that luxury (hell, I have worked every summer since I was 15!). Screw him.

Yes, mom does have my car today. Megan swerved getting out of the way of a car that swerved at her while her hand was on the turn signal, and broke the turn signal thing, so she had to drive mom’s car today, and mom’s driving mine.


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I wish I could drive as good as you Kristine! I’m envious that you are learning. Keep this to yourself but...*looks over shoulder* I still haven’t started to learn how to drive...and I’m 26! Ack! You may well be my inspiration to finally start learning myself! smile

Hello. Your post brought back quite a few memories. I don’t think about it much now but there was a time when the thought of getting behind the wheel of a car scared the hell out of me. I wouldn’t even sit in a car that was idiling because I was so afraid that someone might ask me to move it. I finally got my drivers license at 24! My biggest accomplishment? I drove from North Dakota to Chicago all by myself. It may not seem like much but I am pretty darn proud. smile When I tell people how old I was before I learned to drive they find it hard to understand, for many years I thought I was the only person over the age of 16 who couldn’t drive. Thank you for sharing. smile

Alysha, I’m only a year behind you; and its been 6 months since I bought my car now and have been learning to drive. Its inevitalbe that I will have people like my brother who think I’m incapable because of how long it has taken me. But really and truly, I’ve gotten better! And I know that when your time comes, you’ll learn to be good at it... at your own pace! (Which will most likely be much speedier than mine LOL!)

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