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Fall Line Up - WB

Lee posted a link to the Fall Season 2001 over at WB. They are keeping Angel? Wow, that’s weird. Definately no more crossovers for us, huh?!

Charmed will be without Shannen Doherty, which seems to make that show pointless because what’s the power of three without three?!

And LOL - here’s what Mr. Showbiz says:
However, UPN won’t be getting the Buffy spin-off Angel. The WB is moving the David Boreanaz starrer from Tuesdays at 9 p.m. to the same time on Mondays, where the drama about the vampire with a soul will air after the network’s highest-rated show, Seventh Heaven, about a minister and his family.
Hmm, those don’t match at all!

Sounds like Roswell’s fate is still up in the air. I’ve betting UPN will take it, but I also thought they’d take Angel, so....

I’m sure I’ll keep you posted about all of the fall schedules, just cuz that’s what I do *G*


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Well, they were only taking Angel if WB canceled it. I’m kinda not surprised that they didn’t, mostly to stick it to Joss and co. (Like with not airing any Angel reruns this summer.) Let’s just hope that UPN doesn’t have Buffy on Mondays at 8 and that’s the purprose behind the time move. LOL I really can’t see how 7H and Angel will have the same audiences!!

Just wanted to let you know that your site is awesome!!!!

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