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designing and finishing!

I am really looking forward to finishing up several of the graphics sets and projects on my site. I have quite big list that is always added to, but I’ve come to the point that one big project is really almost done now, and several sets are just waiting for the content and zipping up to be finished before I can put them up. I hate putting it off day after day when other things are more important. Especially when I can’t wait to share them because they are pretty!! smile

Soon, my prettys ;)


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Oooh, Kimberly, can’t wait to see it!

OMG. I am so embarrassed! I was just sitting here getting dressed for work and for some reason ... it occurred to me out of the blue that I called you Kimberly instead of KRISTINE in here! Why I thought of it NOW, 12 hours after the fact, I have no idea...

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