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I am sick.

can any doctors out there diagnose me?

Woke up w/my dream last night with a sore throat that hurt like hell. I kinda thought it might be allergies - the plants that had been coming out were making my throat hurt, so I waited until almost lunch time before I gave in and took sudafed. it may have helped a teeny bit, but not much. Swallowing is awful - when I take a sip of water, it makes me make an evil awful face and makes me hurt almost more. I can’t breathe barely outta my nose. And EVERY since joint in my hip/lower back/knee area is so sore that I can barely lay or sit down. I tried every position in bed just now before I finally got up. I think I’m chilled, so I got all bundled up in blankets, and now I’m hot. I have a pretty bad headache. And my infamous stress pains (stabbing left side of my lower tummy) are joining me for the fun.

I’m debating going to work. I worry that it will be worse tomorrow and if I stay home today, then what will I do tomorrow? And my mom might not believe me (yes, she is kinda my boss), and think I’m just staying home to be w/E. *sigh* Maybe I’ll try to go to work and plan on E picking me up at lunch if I still feel this bad.

Last night, I all of a sudden was hit with more side pains and made it hard to eat. Then I came upstairs and between my lower back aches and that, it hurt almost too much to sit down, so I layed on the couch up here - I feel alseep! At 6:30! Slept there for over an hour until E woke me up and sent me to bed.

I don’t know what drugs to take for this - Dayquill? Aleve? I’ll take a few more vitamin c’s. *sigh* Any mommies out there know what I should do to take care of myself? Mommes tend to be the experts on that topic!


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You poor thing! I’m sorry you are feeling like poop on a stick. :o( I’ve always had okay refief w/Dayquil. But it wouldn’t hurt to go to (or call) your local pharmacy and just spill your guts to the pharmacist. They can recommend what would help the most. I also take like 2000mg of my vitamin C pills. :o) Don’t know if it helps...but it couldn’t hurt. But what helps the most is staying in bed! And letting someone baby you. :o) I hope you get over the worst of it very soon. (((((hugs))))

Thanks, hon. I appreciate the tips and hugs! Don’t get too close, you might just catch it! E’s here, and I’ll make him take care of me smile

I hope that you are feeling better soon! Gets plenty of pampering and rest hun! *hugs*

No idea what it could be, but I hope you feel better! Make yourself get some rest and maybe that will help...our bodies seem to have a way of making us shut down when we are doing too much. take care!

Yuck......sure hope you feel better soon!!

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