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2 new goals.

I have two new goals. One of them has to do with driving. For the other, if I can make it a whole week working on it, then I’ll share. With some of the recent changes in my life, I feel like making an effort on a few more. And if I carefully chart my time spent on them in my sidebar, maybe I’ll be more likely to do them.

With E not working, it means that he’ll have more time to spend with me driving, and I won’t have to stay at work so long (regular 7:30-4:30 days, I’m hoping). This will help me be able to work harder on it. (Even though its causing me bad dreams now! see below). Hopefully, I’ll be able to get better and spend some time studying the drivers ed book with the extra few hours that I wouldn’t have had because I would be at work. Then, he won’t have to get up and drive me, or worry about driving me after he has his job. If I can at least go in and take the written test while he’s at home, that would be great cuz I’d have his transportation to get there during the day smile

So yea for goals and places to talk about them!

Dream: I frequently have dreams where I’m too sleepy to really move. I walk through the dreams in slow motion, unable to control my hands and feet fast enough, and I blink a lot. I have no idea what that means! But last night, I dreamt I was driving, but I was so sleepy that I couldn’t keep my feet on the right spots on the peddles, and so I crashed. Not just one car, but two! Very weird dream, and it woke me up!


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Oh I know how you feel on the driving thing! Even though I am only 19, I am considered "un-normal" for 1. not having a car or liscense 2.a major dislike for chocolate, cakes, cookies, etc

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