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Morning visits :-)

Come with me, on my morning surfing, hear the news in my neighborhood! smile Since I haven’t been my normally bloggy self lately, this is something I’ve been meaning to do!

Rina shared the WB summer schedule - conspicuously missing summer reruns of Buffy, Angel, or Roswell. That probably means UPN has the option to get Angel and Roswell since WB probably cancelled them.

Alysha has a pretty new design, and a new name: Free Falling! Very cool smile

Through Zal, I refound Mel, who I’ve read before because I remember her mentioning Christian Music before. So I thought I’d check out Audio Galaxy -coooool! smile

Khara is finally back!!! {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}} Can’t wait to see pictures, hon!

Wow - Kellea is feeling no pain right now, and that’s excellent smile Thoughts and prayers to you, my friend!

Trish is looking for trip ideas and Belle’s taking a break - seems like she just got here!

Christie’s ducking around, hiding from tornados - scary! When I was little and we lived in Michigan, we had periodic tornados and it was always freaky.

Dara’s got a new article, (I saw one from Carol in my email box the other day, too!) and Cheryl has a list of other mommies-to-be on her page smile

Rhesa (whos name isn’t really Rhesa, I found out *G*) has some great discoveries about liking herself AND a new car smile Yea!

I didn’t mention when I added her the other day, but I think I’ll really like reading Anathea’s blog smile

Ta ta for now - I’ll be back later and give you a bit more of a recap of my weekend smile


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Thanks for linking to my article! But you’re actually pointing to Cheryl’s site. The correct link is

All fixed - sorry about that, Dara!! I was just cutting and pasting too fast!!! smile

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