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love is...

...relaxing and cuddling together. smile

We spent the day doing both. I cooked, we ate, watched movies, napped, cuddled, and spent the day in love smile The loss of a job had us down, but we are together and that’s what counts smile Tomorrow is another day, but today was a very good day.

Thank you for all of the thoughts and well wishes; you all know I’ll be keeping you posted throughout the job search {{{hugs}}}


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Wonderful!! Those are the best moments. I’m glad to "read" that you guys are having fun smile

Aloha, I lurk *if thats possible on blogs* every day and your site has to be the MOST unique for a blog! The layout is impecable! Well I wanted to say I am sorry about the loss of the job, maybe this will give chance to a better and more loving job elsewhere!

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