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Qsent no more.

Eric was laid off yesterday.

Its so sad because he really liked his job. He was one of the original employees back when he was hired. He still knows several systems that no one else knows. But apparently, quite a few people must have been laid off - they had unemployment counselors in place and E’s direct supervisor was really not happy that he was going.

I feel so bad for even thinking these last few weeks about possibly leaving my job. Maybe I jinxed us. I cried a lot more last night. Kinda makes my whole last confused post seem like only a drop of water in the bucket of tears! My tendancies towards worrying makes me cry. What if’s are swirling through my brain.

We’ll be okay for quite a while - severance pay, unemployment, savings - not a problem. I just hope and pray that he can find something the he will like just as much as he did his job at Qsent. He has much more experience now, so he’s started revising his resume, and is going to start searching. He shouldn’t have a problem finding another job. I hope.

He knows that I love him, and that I’ll be here for him. That’s what counts.

Maybe more later - these thoughts are still swirling in my brain and want to come out.


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Positive vibes coming your way from the other side of the country, Kristine. Good luck to Eric! I’m sure he will find another excellent opportunity soon.

it sounds like y'all are handling it all pretty well- which is good. if you freak out, it’s not like that helps anything. it’s good to cry and get it out, and try to move on. all the same, i really do hope y'all are doing ok (and you’re not trying to put a brave front on for your readers- 'cause you don’t need to!) and i hope E finds somewhere even better to work very soon.

I hope everything works out for you both, for the best......

HUGS for you and HUGS for Eric!

I’m sorry to hear about Eric being laid off, but remember that things happen for a reason. I bet that Eric gets a better job in no time!

Mom uses to say that everything happens for a reason... Maybe we don’t understand sometimes why things happen, but then comes the day when we are happy they did.

Oh Kristine! Sorry to hear Eric lost his job sad At least they gave him severance pay and all that good stuff, that helps. I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for you both that he finds an awesome new job.

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