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GH news -

Its been months since I’ve had the time to watch soaps. But one of my very favorite couples is coming back to GH! I wish I had time to watch!!! Maybe I’ll make some time when this comes around. I miss my soaps!

04/20: THE RETURN OF THE TITANS--- We now have multiple confirmations of Ingo’s return in June, with Vanessa Marcil very likely following him around the same time. We can also safely report that Tristan Rogers will be reprising the role of Robert Scorpio in the near future. We first broke this on our rumors page, but now feel comfortable reporting it as news with confirmtion from seperate sources

courtesy of the IRME


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Funny how we have such different reactions to the same news. LOL!

OMG, I love GH as well...I’m SO angry that Robin is gonna be on AMC...Yeah for Jax and Brenda

Rina - Yeah, I noticed our diff reactions too - I really did love J&B smile Some of my fav memories of watching GH are with them - and plus, that couple ended up causing me quite a bit of changes in my life (internet knowledge, friends, etc.)(- So I’m happy to love them smile

Well, I really liked J&B, too. At the start, anyway. Now I don’t like Brenda at all, and Ingo’s last months on the show really made me dislike Jax intensely. But I just feel that the show should focus on the characters they already have on board instead of adding more. The show is so bad right now - they need to prune the cast and get the writing back to a good level before adding new/old characters to the canvas.

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