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My newest to-do list :-)

Things I should do this weekend:

  • Color my hair. Get rid of the gray BEFORE my birthday *g* Beautiful shade of red to shine in the sunlight smile4.21|2:00pm
  • Work on my site to do list *g* (including my new subsite’s contents (4.22|4:30pm - almost done!), the cast list 4.22|7:30pm and new playlist for here, some changes to my wedding page, fixing the gallery, and finishing the sets in process, and more LOL!)
  • Wash dishes4.21|11:00am E, laundry, straighten bedroom4.22|12:00pm E.
  • Pay bills.
  • Play games. Maybe. ;)
  • Go to Office Supply store and try again to buy Highlighters, a folder holder, a new pencil, and more black/blue map pins so I can finish my map for work. 4.22|2:30pm
  • Try going to Target again and getting more jeans.4.22|3:00pm
  • Look through GardenBotanika’s site and see what I want to buy with my 30% birthday discount smile
  • Go to CompUSA with E since they are having a big sale smile NEVER MIND!
  • Eat. Eat yummy things! (yes, we did go to Applebees last night. Yum. And we got to sit and talk to the cute bartender Kevin. He looks like Steve Burton. Yum!)
I’m sure there is more. There always is. But writing it down makes me feel more like I could actually get it done!

Did I mention that I drove for at least 20 minutes every day this last week? I’m so proud of myself for that! And last night, I even drove on busier roads to Applebees wink Yea for me! smile


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OMG.....Steve Burton.....you HAVE to let me know where he works, LOL

I’ve thought Steve Burton was sexy for so many years - In fact, I have this one pre-haircut (when he was still Jason Q., if you watched GH a while back) that is SOOO sexy!! It was taped to the bottom of my desk until we moved and I put that and all of my Ingo pics in a nice little spot together *giggle*

I don’t know, Kristine.... not too many things crossed out here!! Hee hee!

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