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Mmmmm... Cherry coke {drool}

There’s nothing I like to drink more than Cherry Coke. Here’s a lesson for you, my friends, on the types of Cherry coke.

Good Cherry Coke: Fresh can, just opened, with fizz that makes your eyes almost water.
Good Cherry Coke: Coke in a tall glass with a shot of grenadine and 2 or 3 cherries floating in the top, with ice.
BAD Cherry Coke: Coke in a glass with ice and a scoop of Cherry Pie Filling, served with the spoon still in it. What the f*%$?!

Um, don’t ever order Cherry Coke at the Denny’s in Vancouver. BAD, Bad, Denny’s!


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OH MY GOSH! Cherry Coke is my absolute, number one, all-time favorite drink.

I too learned that the hard way. Never order cherry coke at Denny’s... they’re evil, I tell you.

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