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Completed some housework!

I got home early. I have had a headache for days, so mom said she’d let me go home a little early, so she let me drive my car (yes, she’s using my car because hers in the shop again) home. That route is getting so much easier to drive every time I drive it smile So I actually got some stuff done! Checked my mail, un-moderated a former moderator of Angelquotes, put in some laundry, worked on my new subsection to my site for a while, went downstairs and did a load of dishes, cleaned all of the counters, and took out the newspapers, came upstairs and changed the laundry, and its only 5:15! Haven’t figured out dinner yet, but I’m back to work on my project for a while before E shows up at home smile And when he gets here, we are watching Buffy! yea!! smile


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There’s nothing like getting some "stolen" time you didn’t expect! And getting stuff accomplished in that time makes it all the sweeter. Enjoy Buffy : )

Geez girl! I’m not productive when I DON’T have headaches! :0)

Exactly, Dara - the stolen time is the best!

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